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just as completely overlooked the need, for Nancy was trailing off with a quartette of the children, two girls and two boys, while Rosa piloted three girls and one boy. Dell was made custodian of a pair of the “darlingest twinnies

,” two little girls in blue, and there were also with the party three older girls who assisted Miss Geary. To attempt to describe a children’s picnic would be as futile an undertaking as trying to describe childhood itself, for every mom

ent and each hour something so new and novel developed, in the way of fun and good times, that even a picture of a period in the merry-making failed to record its actual happy spirit. “And imagine!” babbled Rosa, while she spil

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led a whole dish of ice cream by allowing it278 to slip smoothly off the paper plate, “ju

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he placed a neat pile of dry leaves over the crest-fallen ice cream, “how I looked? Did I

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look—thin?” “You looked so happy surrounded by your flock,” Nancy assured her, “t

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hat weight couldn’t count. There, call that curly-head. She hasn’t had a balloon of her

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own yet and she’s exploded a half dozen of them. Give her one, Rosa, and tell her—that’

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s all!” They were picnicking and frolicking around stately old Fernlode, and the sight was such a pleasant one that numbers of

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?Nancy pointed out, having a mind to correct standards. “We must do all we can to have this go off well, and that—” “Will be plenty,” agreed Ro

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  • allan Pete , usa

    sa, steering her tea cart of “empties” (the glasses, cups and real dishes) along the driveway toward the house. Miss Ge

  • Sam Peterson , usa

    ary and Dell found each other mutually attractive, their taste for work among children being alike, so that they not only took care of the little ones but had an exceptionally fine time doing so

  • Sarah Smith , usa

    . “Just look at Margot’s face. She hasn’t room for all the smiles,” Nancy took time to say to Rosa. She was on the le

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monade staff and Thomas, the butler, had made the drink pink, “just to make the young one

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